191.2 proof

To get the best results, you need the strongest, purest alcohol possible. To make that we distill Technical Reserve to its 191.2 proof (96.5% ABV) azeotrope , the physical maximum for natural ethyl alcohol distillation.

We bottle at exactly the strength it left the still, making Technical Reserve the highest proof spirit made in the USA.

Highly Refined

Technical Reserve is created on the glass fractionating stills that we build at The City Foundry. More at home in a laboratory than a craft distillery, it's the only way we can get the separation power needed to make Technical Reserve.

Fractional distillation separates chemicals so finely that we need no further processing.

Entirely Neutral

To make the most subtle flavors and scents shine, you need the most neutral base possible. Unlike charcoal filtering, fractional distillation easily removes trace impurities filtering misses, eliminating strong odors and bitter flavors.

Technical Reserve is designed to be the perfect neutral base for the most demanding projects.

Obsessive Design

Technical Reserve is designed for purity right down to the cap. To do that we had to buy the really, really good stuff. They might not look fancy, but our caps are lined with super tough PTFE (aka Teflon®) to ensure the lab-like quality of the contents.

Unlike cork or foam caps, our PTFE cap is completely inert and will never impart off-flavors.

recent projects and recipes

Technical Reserve is designed for flexibility. From making the perfect cooking extracts to limoncello, this is your perfect base. Curious about a technique? Looking for that new recipe? Check out what we've been working on and what others have done with Technical Reserve. Have a project you'd like us to feature? Submit your creations here!

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where to find Technical Reserve

Want to pick up a bottle of Technical Reserve or see how folks are using it? Use the map below to find a local shop, bar, or artisan. If your local retailer doesn't carry Technical Reserve yet, you can also buy online through our online seller.

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      All of our projects over at The City Foundry revolve around craft, science, and art. Our first project, Industry City Distillery, was just the first step! Ever curious about spirits and flavors, we saw how the processes we’ve developed could create a unique and much-needed tool for others working in those fields, and we're excited to get to bring it to you. Follow us to see what we’re up to and where we get our inspiration from.